WordCamp Mumbai Design Part 1

WordCamp Mumbai 2012 has been a great journey until now. We have faced many difficulties from the start on various steps of Event, major being the venue which is usual for very event. but I must say that the real joy of Organizing an Event such as WordCamp lies in solving the difficulties for the greater good

When we came to deigning part of WordCamp Mumbai few months back, we knew it was a tough job. WordCamp Mumbai is itself a unique Event, so the design demanded much more than art. It demanded culture, tradition, heritage and everything Mumbai is made of along with the technology, Open Source and speed representing WordPress and WordCamp.

We started with the logo.

We approached many designers to deign a logo for us. Few resorted as they accepted it was a tough job, few accepted the challenge and only few finished the designs. Designers and us always faced a problem wherein one logo was leaving the city a bit behind whereas other one was more of city specific.

Finally after a month of hardwork, Saket Jajodia from Dzire 2 Dzine (D2D) showed us a design which was dualtone. The only logo until now which used only two colors, which was sleek and simple, yet represented the complexity of culture and tradition of India. This logo was not only representing Technology frenzy India but also the History of the same. This logo was touched the Team’s Heart at the first sight. Yet, we had something missing and after displaying the logo to public, we discovered that it was the royal and famous blue color associated with WordPress.

After playing with blue color in various shades, into text, fonts and also into the artwork, We finished our logo with the blue color in Mumbai.










Once the Logo is ready, every Event Organizer has to choose between two paths and keep that as a priority one. The two paths are namely Online designing and branding of Event and Offline Branding and Designing of Event related accessories,etc

We gave higher priority to Offline designing and kept Online designing at bay. We started with building a list of what all things needs to be printed and as it is to be printed, it needs a design.

our list of “Things to be Printed” was somewhat like-

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Pamplets / schedule books/ Sessions handout
  • Brochure
  • ID Card
  • T-Shirt
  • Support Badges
  • Mug
  • WordCamp branded books and other stationary
  • Receipt /Invoice Books
  • Letter Heads
  • Certificates
  • Hats
  • Facebook Cover Page

The choice wasn’t difficult as we knew what was needed before WordCamp and which things were needed on the day of the Event. So we headed on with designing of Receipt books, Banners, Posters and ID card. We needed content for the design.

Till this time we had no speaker, no volunteer and no venue. We had to start with just our Imagination whatever we thought about WordCamp Mumbai 2012 will be like. We prepared a tentative list of topics which were highly probable to be covered in WordCamp Mumbai.

We first started with designing of Brochure as it was intended mainly for sponsors. We needed sponsors because we had no money in our pockets and had lots of spending of money to be done. We knew brochure has to Explain the sponsor that WordCamp Mumbai is a Non-Profit Event that supports Open source. We knew we had to do a hard job to make the brochure so attractive yet minimalistic that it would convey the joy and energy associated with WordCamp.

This time we had a start. We had the Logo, which not only decided the theme of the Event but also the theme of brochure, poster, banner, etc

Even this time we had to try many different designs and many different contents. After a week or so, my friend Harsh Kansagara came up with the design you see below. We had no reason to say no to this design. It was all what we wanted ­čÖé























you may download the whole brochure as PDF from here : Brochure

Then we started with the ID card as we needed it to give to printers. It was going to take time to print a 3 page ID card. Even the ID card is unique as the whole event is. If you want to see your name printed on the ID card then register before 5th October as we will stop giving any special printout orders from that day. Only bulk orders will go. So if you are planning to come here, then register fast else you will miss T-shirt of your perfect Size.

The Id card was designed by me along with continues feedback from sumit. We are yet to allot specific colors to each group i.e. Developer, user, Speaker, Volunteer and Organizer. Your suggestions are valuable to us.

After all of this, Here I am announcing that WordCamp Mumbai has reached it’s first step towards event. you have all the information with you due to brochure, that you might need to contact us. ┬áRegister as soon as possible because the later you register, you will lose your dear T-shirt at your personal perfect size, though you will get a T-shirt.

We are done with Brochure and ID card designing, as well as Facebook Cover Page(which I cover in next post). We still need help in re-designing website and website header.

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