Ajay Patel

Ajay Patel, Working at Digi-Corp Info. Sys as Web App Developer. He is passionate about web and mobile development. He love playing around with the latest technologies in our industry. He works mostly on PHP and CMS like WordPress, Joomla.

He is also article writer at wp.tutsplus.com , He published many Open-source & Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins.

Co- Founder at GeeksLabs and Content writer of WebDesignerGeek. You can follow him on @twitter and @facebook

He will be speaking on ” Premium Plugin Development “.

Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana is an Angel Investor, Mentor and Entrepreneur. After completing his undergraduate degree program in Computer Engineering, Ajeet pursued an MBA degree from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

He has 18 years of entrepreneurship in the Education and Internet space; 2 years of investment experience. He is Subject matter expert for Ecommerce for the About.com network

He will be speaking on “Scaling Up Your Blogging Business – Going From $1 to $1 Million

Amit Kumar

Amit is founder and director of AmiWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the team behind WPoets. He provides the vision to the team. A self confessed ‘dreamer, coder and blogger’… his friends just call him ‘the PHP guy‘. He has released 5 plugins on WordPress plugin repo, He is very active with WordPress community in pune, and regularly speaks at WordCamps in India

Dinesh Jain

Dinesh Jain, working as Web Developer at rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is passionate to work on complete Web development including Html5, CSS3, PHP, JSP, Javascript, SEO. I love to Develop responsive, flexible, mobile optimized, HTML5, grid based Themes.  I spend my time learning new technologies and implementing it.

Dinesh would be covering “Exploring rtPanel”

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav, student entrepreneur and a php freak ended Wordcamp draught in India with Wordcamp Jabalpur 2011. He is working on WordPress for almost 4 years and exclusively uses WordPress to build websites for his client projects. When not flirting with his laptop, you will find him busy discussing about UI/UX, HTML5, CSS and what could be the next best thing after facebook.

Gaurav WOuld be Speaking on “Google, You and WordPress”

Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip Parikh has assumed many roles Web Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, and an Active Blogger in his professional life. He is Co-Founder of www.diim.in and Tej SolPro.

Founder of TejSolPro and DIIM, where DIIM is the Gujarat’s First & only Internet marketing Training Institute and TejSolPro provides Marketing Services in various fields.

At WordCamp, Jaydip would be speaking on “Social Media Starter.

Mitesh Sanghvi

Mitesh Sanghvi is an expert consultant in Website Design, SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Integrated Digital Marketing, Communications and Brand Building.

He is currently working as CEO of IMCgroup.in and has 16 years of rich experience in Integrated Marketing Communications. He has lead teams of professionals in his career and built online and offline reputation of organizations like PT education, PROTON business school, Doon International School and others.

He is @MrMiteshSanghvi on Twitter.

Mitesh will speak about Google Authorship and Google AuthorRank during his session – “Google, you and WordPress“.

Nishtha Dixit

Nishtha is a social media strategist to reckon with. She has an
expertise in creating and powering a brand’s identity & personality,
through comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Over the years she has been associated with market leaders like
ManpowerGroup and Kent RO Systems Ltd, along with various startups
such as Rhaegan Technologies and Enggheads to name a few.

She extensively uses WordPress as an integral part of her digital
strategy to create a credible brand image, send across powerful
messages and develop a loyal fanbase. Creating audience centric,
engaging blogs is one of the most powerful tools she deploys to power
the brandShe will be discussing on “Powering Brands using WordPress


Philip Moore

Philip Moore a United States born, Hanoi based expatriate. He is currently employed with Automattic, the parent company behind WordPress. He is Theme Wrangler at Automattic which entails him to spend most of his time making, breaking, fixing, and thinking about WordPress themes. He is a graduate from Rice University, Houston. He chose not to go with traditional way of doing with 9-5 job, and selected  Freelancing over it. After initial roadblocks, here he is working with his dream company Automattic.com.

He would be speaking on “Theme development with _s”. Details: Underscores.me

Prajyot Mainkar

Mr.Prajyot Mainkar is leading Product based organization, SPM Softwares & Designers based in India. SPM primarily innovates products on Android and Content Management Systems (CMS). Prajyot has been consultant for mobile labs start ups, and himself an android developer.

He has been mentor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives around India. He also is Editor in Chief of Androcid, A dedicated portal of Apps, Development and Frameworks in Android and Head of Goa Android User Group ( G.A.U.G) . He is also Android Technical Head at GDG Goa Group.

Prajyot wiil be discussing  “Going Responsive with HTML5


Prasad Shejale

Thought leader in Integrated Digital Marketing, Mr. Shejale is an IIT Chennai Alumnus. He describes himself as an entrepreneur working on his passion in eCommerce, Search Engine Marketing and Consulting.

He is Co-Founder and CEO(India) of Logic Serve.

He would be speaking on “Online Marketing…… Simplified” wherein he would try to cover every aspect of Internet Marketing be it inbound or outbound


Puneet Sahalot

Puneet is an Electronics Engineer by chance and a self taught WordPress developer by choice. He fell in love with WP during his college days (call it his first college crush which grew into irresistible  love). He loves going deeper into WordPress codex, exploring best coding practices and experimenting with WordPress. When not hitting the keyboard, he spends time clicking photographs and traveling.

Puneet Would be speaking on “Scaling up your WordPress site on Cloud

R. Bhavesh

Founder of Templatic.com – one of the best WordPress theme company since 5 years. He loves making online presence quick, easy and affordable for everyone. With 8+ years of experience in web design industry, he learned bits and pieces of web design trends and know, how it all works. At Templatic.com, he aims to bring out of the box, easy, affordable and elegant web solutions for small businesses & Individual professional bloggers. Topic: Lessons learnt in 5 year journey of running a WordPress theme company

Rahul Banker

Rahul Banker, is 23 year student and blogger from India. Rahul was caught in blogging by chance but now describes it to be his world that has made him learn new things in life and made him believe in himself. Within two years, thecopypasteblog now enjoys a very high Alexa rank and drives a huge traffic towards itself.
At WordCamp, Rahul would be taking a session on “30 Things you did not know you could do with newly installed wordpress”

Shashank Chinchli

Shashank, working with MNC Giant – TCS,have been passionate for C,C++,Java,J2EE & now slowly exploring WP,PHP,jQuery and SEO.

Regarding WP, he is in making of WP Child Themes,Reduce use of Plugins and making hooks,forked Post Notification plugin and translated WordPress for international languages using PO MO files.

He will be presenting on “Internationalize / Localize WP themes and plugins.

Soumya Pratihari

Soumya Pratihari, is a professional blogger with over 25 blogs running in his network. Being a creative person its tough to tie Soumya in limits and he hosts TV Shows, own a C&F firm and just founded a production house to produce movies. An avid WordPress lover, his whole blogging network relies on WordPress and in his words “I cannot even imagine running my blogs on any other platform“.

At WordCamp, Soumya would be speaking on “Why Blog and Why WordPress for it?“.

Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra, A Digital Immigrant who grew up with Technology.

He Started his journey towards entrepreneurship as a blogger , walking the roads of Affiliate marketing, got pretty excited about PPC and now playing with Adwords is what he does.

Subash is an Adwords Certified professional and and avid Internet Marketer

He would be speaking on “Adsense and Adwords 101”

Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar, a dedicated blogger from India and blogs at SoftwareBuzzer . Even though he got offers though Campus placements at his college, he declined them and strongly believed in one thing “Internet is future” . After a year of experience in full-time blogging, he has faced different challenges, encountered various paths and learnt new things everyday. Recently he discovered the power of Video Blogging and he would like to spread the word about “Art Of Video Blogging“.